CHAR Development Awards

Following the closure of the Sterling Winthrop Imaging Research Institute, administration of the residual funds was entrusted to the Canadian Heads of Academic Radiology (CHAR) for the development of a programme which would provide peer reviewed grants for radiological research in academic departments.

Since a limited number of applications will be accepted for review each year, each department may hold a local competition to determine which applications may be submitted to the annual national competition. Departments who have submitted successful applications support the concept by fully matching CHAR’s contribution.

Industry support was sought to augment the available funds and the Norwegian company Nycomed stepped forward and generously agreed to provide the required support. This relationship, for which CHAR is very grateful, has continued since the 1997 launch of the programme. Nycomed became Amersham, and Amersham was integrated into GE Healthcare.

CHAR’s aim is to assist radiologists with research projects that will enhance scholarship and academic departments of radiology. Generally this will be seed money for projects that show promise for future application to major granting agencies such as the CIHR.

In addition, one grant is reserved each year for travel by a qualifying applicant to learn a clinical or research technique that will be required to carry out a later pilot study.