Roentgen Resident/Fellow Research Award 2017

Each year the RSNA R&E Foundation recognizes outstanding trainees who have made significant contributions to radiologic research through the Roentgen Resident/Fellow Research Award. See their website for details.

In 2017, the Foundation presented the Roentgen award to 14 Canadian residents/fellows. CHAR extends congratulations to our awardees.

Danielle Dressler, MD University of Saskatchewan
Fateme Salehi, MD Western University
Srinivas Raman, MD University of Toronto
Timothy Nguyen, MD Western University ( Rad Onc)
Kim-Nhien Vu, MD University of Montreal
John Conklin, MD, MSc University of Toronto
David P. Burrowes, MD University of Calgary
Andrew Dalton, MD Memorial University of Newfoundland
Kristin Greenlaw, MD Dalhousie University
Patrick Kennedy, MD McMaster University
Lionel A. Bure, MD McGill University
Rohan Parab, MD University of Alberta
Rahul Sarkar, MD, MSc Queen’s University
Kathryn E. Darras University of British Columbia
March 23, 2018